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Ruby on Rails Development

Ruby on Rails is one of the most emerging Web Development Technology in Open Source. It is known for its ability to build Web applications rapidly with its inherent support for RAD (Rapid Application Development) with ease.

RoR Development is evolving continuously, many thanks to the ROR community for making it more and more robust, easy to use/code and scalable. Rails Framework comes with full-fledged MVC, Ajax and various other JS libraries and much more. It provides so many such things which enable quick development of common functionalities and time to market any portal or web application becomes minimal. DRY and COC concepts of ROR enable extensive reusability and the programmers are saved from a lot of redundant coding.

We have a team of experienced ROR Professionals who have worked in every dimension with RoR. In Rails we create simple websites to large scale business applications and we Specialize in Social Networking, Business and E-Commerce Solutions. Our Business Applications are considered as Benchmark in their category. The solutions we provide to our customers are innovative and profitable to them.

Our technical expertise in ROR includes:

  • Rails 2.2, 2.3 and 3.x
  • Ruby 1.8.6 and higher
  • RubyAMF
  • MySQL, Postgre SQL, Oracle
  • Testing Tools like New Relic, RSpec
  • Rails Application Servers like Webrick, Mongrel, mod_rails/Phussion Passenger, JRuby + Glassfish & Co.
  • Proxy/Web Servers like Apache2, Nginx, HA-Proxy
  • Deploying Application using Capistrano, Webistrano on Servers such as Heroku, Cloud Infrastructure

Solutions we provide:

  • Business Applications including Finance Management System, Project Management System
  • Customized Social Networking
  • E-Commerce Suites, Varied Utility Portals(VUPs)
  • Event Scheduling and Resource Management System with Geo-Location maps
  • Content Management Systems
  • Data Storage Systems
  • Business Portals for Real Estate, Education Portal
  • Audio/ Video Streaming

Get in touch with Cognitio Solutions at and find out how we have imbibed various emerging industry trends to keep your nose ahead of competition and make your customers’ experiences enriching. Alternately you can request for information by filling up RFI/RFQ form.