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Offshore Development Center

ODC stands for Offshore Development Center which is typically an extension of the client’s team at offshore centers located at different locations in the world. An offshore development center may belong to a client or could be maintained by an offshore development organization which has proven capabilities in the following critical aspects of an ODC:

  • Team Size needed for execution.
  • Team Skills in terms of domain expertise, technical expertise needed.
  • Team availability in relevant time-zones.
  • Relevant Communication Infrastructure for seamless communication.

Dedicated Development Center at Cognitio Solutions signifies a business model wherein a software development team with relevant and identified skill sets located at Cognitio Solutions Offshore Development Center at Ahmedabad, is allocated specifically for fulfilling customer requirements only. The salient features of this model are:

  1. Normally, dedicated model is applied when the client is conceptualizing a product or a product idea.
  2. The ODC model also is applicable when the client does not have complete clarity on his requirements.
  3. Cognitio Solutions ODC has a proven track record of associating itself with 20+ product companies right from conceptualization to Go-Live Stage.
  4. Cognitio Solutions ODC teams have flexibility of availability in client time-zones, overlapped time-zones, project management extranets, web timesheets, flexible reporting templates to ensure smooth interaction with client’s onshore teams.
  5. Complete Transparency, Access, Monitoring and Control are provided to the client to their offshore dedicated development teams to ensure that the team is a complete extension to the client teams.
  6. State-Of–Art Infrastructure, communication channels, security mechanisms to ensure complete data security and seamless communication channels between clients onshore and offshore teams.

Why ODC?

  • Substantial Cost Economies.
  • Zero Liability Offshore Team.
  • Flexibility in Size and Skill Set Availability.
  • Availability of multiple functional and technical expertise under one roof.

Typical Challenges in an ODC:

  • Deep Understanding of Client needs and requirements in an offshore mode.
  • Availability Process Frameworks and Process Set Up to manage offshore dedicated execution.
  • Availability of appropriate monitoring hierarchies to aggregate attrition costs.
  • Availability in terms of size to ramp up or scale down operations with relevant notice periods.

Cognitio Solutions ODC Offerings

  • State-Of-Art Infrastructure
  • Wide Portfolio of Available Communication Mechanisms
  • In-depth Experience of executing dedicated centers ranging from 1 to 15 member teams
  • Appropriate mix of functional and technical profiles to make a complete team set-up
  • Direct Access to important team members for the project

Typical Benefits Achieved through the ODC Offering:

  • Minimized TCO and improved quality through our operational efficiency and execution excellence.
  • Improved productivity and quality by leveraging various re-engineering assets from our vast knowledge pool.
  • Achievement of optimum solutions and speedy execution of projects.

How to set up a dedicated team?

  • One of the key aspects of Offshore Dedicated Development Team is to get the right mix of skill, experience and engagement model for their Dedicated Team. We at Cognitio Solutions ensure that the requirements of the resources are clearly specified and teams and engagement model are flexibile to suit your needs and budget.
  • Based on the requirement we shortlist the best suited profiles from our skilled resource pool. These profiles are then sent across to you to suggest any comments/ feedbacks/ changes in the resource(s). Once a short-listing is done by you the next step is to process the final interview and selection of resource for your dedicated development center.
  • A typical Offshore/ Onsite Dedicated Team engagement model can range from having 1 resource to 20 resources and above and contract term from 1 month to 12 months and beyond.
  • Each resource at Cognitio Solutions once selected will dedicatedly work for the client’s requirement for a pre-agreed time zone, effort per month and cost are quoted as Resource Cost per Month for every different profile type. The billing model is flexible with advance amount for the engaged resource team and then on it is either bi-monthly or monthly depending upon the team size.
  • Upon agreement to the resources and engagement model, a Service Level Agreement (SLA) specifying the key points and responsibility area is drafted and executed.
  • The first step to initiate the project is to ensure proper knowledge transfer on the project to the team. The main objective for this phase is to understand the project requirements, business processes, coding standards to be followed, any legacy system(s) being used and its functionality and code, development and deployment environment need so that these could be translated to an overall development and communication approach to be used for the project.
  • Based on these requirements the process are tailored as per the tailoring guidelines and defined for the team. The key also is to ensure a proper communication protocols including the reporting mechanism are put in place and hence these are also defined along with process guidelines. Further the required development environment is replicated at our offshore development center.
  • Project execution is imitated according to the specification and project plan for the contract period.
  • There are periodic project reviews and identification of the areas where improvement/ changes would be required in the development approach is suggested by independent project review teams.

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